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The licenses of all python modules used to build this site. A big thank you ❤ to all maintainers and contributors of these projects. We wouldn't be able to build sites like this one without them.


This table is generated autonomously through pip-licenses by parsing the metadata of the modules in the virtual environment. Errors might occur.

Name Version License URL Description
Babel 2.12.1 BSD License https://babel.pocoo.org/ Internationalization utilities
GitPython 3.1.31 BSD License https://github.com/gitpython-developers/GitPython GitPython is a Python library used to interact with Git repositories
Jinja2 3.1.2 BSD License https://palletsprojects.com/p/jinja/ A very fast and expressive template engine.
Markdown 3.3.7 BSD License https://Python-Markdown.github.io/ Python implementation of Markdown.
MarkupSafe 2.1.2 BSD License https://palletsprojects.com/p/markupsafe/ Safely add untrusted strings to HTML/XML markup.
PyYAML 6.0 MIT License https://pyyaml.org/ YAML parser and emitter for Python
Pygments 2.14.0 BSD License https://pygments.org/ Pygments is a syntax highlighting package written in Python.
certifi 2022.12.7 Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL 2.0) https://github.com/certifi/python-certifi Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle.
charset-normalizer 3.1.0 MIT License https://github.com/Ousret/charset_normalizer The Real First Universal Charset Detector. Open, modern and actively maintained alternative to Chardet.
click 8.1.3 BSD License https://palletsprojects.com/p/click/ Composable command line interface toolkit
colorama 0.4.6 BSD License UNKNOWN Cross-platform colored terminal text.
csscompressor 0.9.5 BSD License http://github.com/sprymix/csscompressor A python port of YUI CSS Compressor
ghp-import 2.1.0 Apache Software License https://github.com/c-w/ghp-import Copy your docs directly to the gh-pages branch.
gitdb 4.0.10 BSD License https://github.com/gitpython-developers/gitdb Git Object Database
htmlmin 0.1.12 BSD License https://htmlmin.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ An HTML Minifier
idna 3.4 BSD License UNKNOWN Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
importlib-metadata 6.1.0 Apache Software License https://github.com/python/importlib_metadata Read metadata from Python packages
jsmin 3.0.1 MIT License https://github.com/tikitu/jsmin/ JavaScript minifier.
mergedeep 1.3.4 MIT License https://github.com/clarketm/mergedeep A deep merge function for 🐍.
mkdocs 1.4.2 BSD License UNKNOWN Project documentation with Markdown.
mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin 1.1.0 MIT License https://github.com/timvink/mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin Mkdocs plugin that enables displaying the localized date of the last git modification of a markdown file.
mkdocs-material 9.0.6 MIT License UNKNOWN Documentation that simply works
mkdocs-material-extensions 1.1.1 MIT License UNKNOWN Extension pack for Python Markdown and MkDocs Material.
mkdocs-minify-plugin 0.6.2 MIT License https://github.com/byrnereese/mkdocs-minify-plugin An MkDocs plugin to minify HTML, JS or CSS files prior to being written to disk
mkdocs-static-i18n 0.53 MIT License https://github.com/ultrabug/mkdocs-static-i18n MkDocs i18n plugin using static translation markdown files
packaging 23.0 Apache Software License; BSD License UNKNOWN Core utilities for Python packages
pip 23.0.1 MIT License https://pip.pypa.io/ The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages.
pip-licenses 4.0.3 MIT License https://github.com/raimon49/pip-licenses Dump the software license list of Python packages installed with pip.
prettytable 3.6.0 BSD License UNKNOWN A simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data in a visually appealing ASCII table format
pymdown-extensions 9.10 MIT License UNKNOWN Extension pack for Python Markdown.
python-dateutil 2.8.2 Apache Software License; BSD License https://github.com/dateutil/dateutil Extensions to the standard Python datetime module
pyyaml_env_tag 0.1 MIT License https://github.com/waylan/pyyaml-env-tag A custom YAML tag for referencing environment variables in YAML files.
regex 2023.3.23 Apache Software License https://github.com/mrabarnett/mrab-regex Alternative regular expression module, to replace re.
requests 2.28.2 Apache Software License https://requests.readthedocs.io Python HTTP for Humans.
setuptools 67.4.0 MIT License https://github.com/pypa/setuptools Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
six 1.16.0 MIT License https://github.com/benjaminp/six Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
smmap 5.0.0 BSD License https://github.com/gitpython-developers/smmap A pure Python implementation of a sliding window memory map manager
urllib3 1.26.15 MIT License https://urllib3.readthedocs.io/ HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more.
watchdog 3.0.0 Apache Software License https://github.com/gorakhargosh/watchdog Filesystem events monitoring
wcwidth 0.2.6 MIT License https://github.com/jquast/wcwidth Measures the displayed width of unicode strings in a terminal
wheel 0.38.4 MIT License https://github.com/pypa/wheel A built-package format for Python
zipp 3.15.0 MIT License https://github.com/jaraco/zipp Backport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files

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